SACE Dance

Stars Fresh take on SACE Dance

Star Academy is now taking enrollment for SACE Dance Stage 2 for 2020. Classes for Stage 2 Dance will be held on Thursday evenings with elective classes on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Stage 2 students must take 1 ballet class and 2 dance classes in any other genres (eg jazz, hip hop, tap or contemporary). Why study with us? Our new and innovative look on SACE Dance provides students with opportunities to focus on the styles of dance they are most passionate about. Flourish in a non-traditional learning environment, which allow students to develop themselves as confident performers.

Stage 2 – Year 12

Stage 2 Dance at Star Academy is a full year subject which is combined with Certificate III in Dance. Content:  Stage 2 Dance is a 20-credit subject that consists of the following three areas of study:
  • Skills Development (choreography, technique, and a folio based on either the choreography or the technique study)
  • Dance Perspectives
  • Group Production

VET Dance


CUA20113 Certificate II in Dance

Certificate II in Dance is a 1 year course that provides a strong foundation in dance technique and performance. Students will develop an understanding of anatomy and nutrition for the dancer while undertaking a rigorous practical training regime designed to develop their dance technique in all genres. Students will have 4 contact hours per week plus workshops in the school holidays. At the end of the year students will receive their qualification as well as 50 SACE Credits towards Stage 1.

CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance

Certificate III in Dance provides a more in depth understanding of dance theory, stage craft and allows students to develop their own choreographic style. This program is for dancers who are ready to take their training to the next level whether their passion be for performing, teaching or choreographing. Students undertake technique and choreography classes and have numerous opportunities to perform throughout the year. The course when taken full-time is completed over 1 year with 6 contact hours per week plus workshops in the school holidays. As well as their qualification, students who successfully complete Certificate III in Dance will receive 60 SACE Stage 2 Credits.

CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance

Certificate IV in Dance at Star Academy is a professional full-time program that has been designed for students who are working towards a career in performing or teaching. It is an intense and challenging course which pushes students to the next level with their dance technique and performance skills. This program requires the student to have an in depth knowledge and understanding of dance theory across all genres as well as skills in choreographing, teaching and planning for performances. The course when taken full-time is delivered over 1 year split into four 10 week terms coinciding with the school year but can also be studied part time over 2 years.