We aim to encourage

Star Academy has several opportunities for students to perform throughout the year for their different subjects. We try our very best to ensure that students are on stage twice a year in each subject they undertake.

Singing Department

The Singing Department hosts an Open Mic Night/Open Mic Cabaret Show – once a year – whereby all the private singing students put on a show in a relaxed and small setting. Last year it was held at The Jade on Flinders Street. Other locations have been The Gov and also the Promethean. It’s a fantastic day/night where students have the freedom to choose their own songs and work on them with their teachers throughout the term. It gives the students the opportunity to perform in a small and intimate environment different to performing on a big stage. We love our Open Mic Nights/Open Mic Cabaret Shows. For more information, please do not hesitate to ask. In recent years, our Private Singing Students pair up with another private student and also with some dancers for our End of Year Production. This way, they get the best of both worlds in performing. Our older and more experienced singing students may also be asked to do performances and gigs around Adelaide.

Acting Department

The Acting Department perform in our Mid Year Show. This is a themed performance for every show we put on, and we incorporate our acting students to tie together the storyline. In 2016, we had an Alice in Wonderland Theme and Circus theme and the students portrayed different characters and put together a story for the audience. We encourage all performing artists to undertake acting, as it is the foundation to performing. Not only does it help in singing and dance, but it also helps in other areas of life, such as school lessons and oral presentations. It helps to instil confidence to students. Older students of the Acting Department are also used in our End of Year Production.

Dance Department

Mid Year Concert Our Mid Year Concert is usually held at St Peters Girls College, Stonyfell. It allows our students to get on stage in a relaxed environment and showcase their progress from the first six months of the year. Students wear Star Academy Uniform instead of costumes. Students are able to show their parents what they have been working on for the past two terms and this gets them used to performing on stage. Students perform one routine for each dance and singing class they undertake.
End of Year Concert Our End of Year Production is our main and biggest event on the school’s calendar, normally in December. It is a very special performance for our students, as they get the opportunity to display what they have been working on throughout the second half of the year to all their family and friends. The best part is they get to perform, wear costumes and makeup and are on stage all with their classmates, whom they have been working with over the past few terms. We are grateful to be able to give our students the opportunity to perform in a professional live show in a working theatre. We take great care to ensure that students are ready for this special day, and therefore attending rehearsals is a requirement and is necessary for them to feel comfortable about what they need to do on the night of the concert. All students perform one dance or sing one song for each dance class that they do. No song or dance is ever the same from year to year, this gives the students the opportunity to learn new styles and new skills. With this in mind, we never have the same costumes.
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