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A variety of Star Academy students standing in a group in front of a white wall. They are all smiling and laughing at each other. They are wearing various Star Academy Merchandise.


Our classes have been carefully tailored to ensure students are receiving the best tuition possible. We have classes to suit everyone, regardless of age or experience.

Two children, one boy and one girl, are sitting on a wooden floor. The girl has her hair in two pigtail buns, and is wearing a Star Academy leotard and ballet tights. The boy has his hair in a bun on top of his head, and is wearing a Star Academy branded t-shirt and shorts. There are various apparatus around the floor behind them. They are partaking in a dance class and are waiting for instructions.

Ages 2.5-4

Mini Stars Program

Our Mini Stars program is the perfect introduction to all things movement and dance!


Ages 10+

Youth Program

Our Youth Program supplies students with tuition for both recreational and professional Performing Arts.

A young girl is standing in front of a white wall. She is holding a black ballet barre. She is completing a leg mount or heel stretch. She is wearing a black leotard, leggings, and tan jazz shoes.

Audition Only

Elite Program

Our Elite Program offers a range of professional and competitive performance opportunities.

A girl is standing infront of a wall which is soundproofed with treated tiles. she is wearing ablack puffer jacket and a black t-shirt. She is holding a microphone in a stand and singing.

All Ages

Private Tuition

One-on-one tuition to accelerate your learning and complement your regular classes.


Ages 5-6

Petite Program

Our Petite Program offers a variety of classes to introduce students to the Performing Arts.


Open Ages

Intermediate Program

A perfect after school activity for teenagers to keep fit, improve their Performing Arts knowledge, and have fun!

A picture of a music stand with sheet music on it. There is a hand pointing to a note on the sheet of music.

All Ages

Musical Theatre Program

Become a triple threat! Improve singing, acting, and dance skills with our Musical Theatre Program.

Two girls are completing a ballet exam. They are in Star Academy branded leotards and ballet tights. One hand is holding a ballet barre and the other is in 5th position above their heads. They are looking at their fingers.

All Ages


Comdance Exams in Ballet, Tap and Jazz - Perfect your technique and reach your goals!


Ages 7-9

Junior Program

Our Junior Program teaches the fundamentals of Performing Arts to new and experienced dancers. 


Open Ages

All Boys Program

Our Boys Program helps our male students improve their confidence and skills in a safe and comfortable environment.


Ages 5+

Acrobatics Program

Our Acrobatics Program develops strength and flexibility to safely perform Instagram-worthy tricks.

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