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Working under the Comdance syllabus (The Commonwealth Society of the Teachers of Dance) we offer Exam Classes in Jazz, Ballet and Tap.


Exams are not compulsory for any of the students other than the Elite Teams. However, Exams are a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their dance skills, demonstrate their progression, and gain confidence.


To be eligible to be entered into an exam, students need to undertake an exam class as well as a regular class in that subject area. For example, if they would like to do a jazz exam, they will need to do the jazz exam class and a regular jazz class.


There is an entry fee for every exam taken set by Comdance. It is the teachers discretion whether the student will be allowed to sit their exam. We feel it is in the best interest of the student to only be allowed to sit the exam if we think they will pass. 

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